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On initiative of the Educandato Uccellis seven other high schools of the AlpsAdriatic region have joined in the school year 2014/2015 the international school project on World War I. The teaching staff involved is coming from different departments such as the one of history, the departments of English, Italian, Slovenian and the department of art/art history.

Below there are the links to the partner schools as well as the names and contact details of the teachers involved in the project:

  austria Austria
Europagymnasium,Klagenfurt am Wörthersee Eva STRAUSS WIESER-KRAINER
BG/BRG St. Martin,Villach ALTMANN Karlkarl.altmann@it-gymnasium.atCLEMENZ
italia Italia
Educandato Statale Collegio Uccellis, Udine Progetto “La Grande Guerra” BACKHAUS Denise
BOSCUTTI KMEN Isabell Bettina (Co-coordinatrice) KOLATA Jens (Coordinatore) VISINTINI Maria
ISIS Gregorčič -Trubar (Lingua Slovena), Gorizia CERNIC Peter
Liceo Classico Linguistico StataleFrancesco Petrarca, Trieste SULLI Adriana
Liceo Scientifico Michelangelo Grigoletti, Pordenone BUSATO AndreaBATTISTON VENDRAME Roberta
slovenia Slovenia
Gimnazija Nova Gorica Gimnazija Tolmin KOMEL Tomaž tomaz.komel@gimng.siSAKSIDA, Simona


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