The “Grande Guerra project: tales from several fronts”


In 2014 the outbreak of the Great War has had its 100th anniversary. From 1915 onwards the northeast of Italy and the Slovenian borderland was one of the most contested war zones in Europe. In a traditionally pluriculturally shaped area, like the Alps-Adriatic Region, the warring parties Italy and the Austrian-Hungarian Empire were faced against each other and were mutually fighting in a merciless and cruel manner.

This particular historical experience in the border triangle Italy-Austria-Slovenia has been the starting point for the international school project “La Grande Guerra: Racconti da Diversi Fronti(The Great War: Narratives from the other front). The project was launched by the European High School “Uccellis” and was funded by the Italian region Friuli-Venezia Giulia and the Italian Ministry of Education. Numerous schools in Friuli, Austria and Slovenia were involved in this project. The aim of the project was to organize joint meetings with students at memorial sites of the Great War and to create multilingual didactic material about the diverse aspects of World War I.

This homepage would like to invite students, teaching staff and other interested parties to explore here the outcomes of the project and create a space in order to exchange ideas about this topic also in future.

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